xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage

Extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage is thought to be long dead but he has come out of self-imposed exile and secretly returns to action along with his newly recruited cohorts. They are set to face a deadly alpha warrior, Xiang, and his team as they race to recover a dangerous and unstoppable weapon known as Pandora's Box.

Language: English
Subtitle: Khmer
Classification: NC15
General Release Date: 19 Jan 2017
Genre: Action
Running Time: 110
Distributor: Sabay MVP
Cast: Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Deepika Padukone, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose, Toni Collette
Director: D.J. Caruso
Format: 2D, 3D